June 29, 2018                Kidiwela awarded Society of Exploration Geophysicist scholarship

April 16, 2018                Skarke receives MSU Faculty Research Award (Arts & Sciences)

April 11, 2018                Skarke co-leads NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Gulf of Mexico 2018 Expedition (EX1803)

March 27, 2018             Skarke recieves MSU College of Arts & Sciences Research Award in Natural & Physical Sciences

January 24, 2018           National Academies’  Awards $5.3 Million to Enhance Environmental Restoration (Skarke co-PI)

June 19, 2017                 Skarke speaks at Dauphin Island Sea Lab Technology in Marine Science workshop for teachers

June 12, 2017                 Keck Futures Initiative and the Gulf Research Program Award $1.55 Million for 21 Projects

March 30, 2017              Ruby awarded first place for oral presentation of thesis at MSU Graduate Research Symposium

March 10, 2017              Eos: Early-Career Scientists Explore Newly Discovered Methane Seeps

October 20, 2016           National Geographic Explorers Journal: Exploring New England’s Recently Discovered Methane Seeps

October 7, 2016              Skarke named Early-Career Research Fellow by the National Academies Gulf Research Program

July 25, 2016                    Skarke co-chielf scientist for NSF / UNOLS Early Career Scientist Training Cruise on R/V Atlantis

June 7 , 2016                    Fingerprint algorithm helps researchers understand storm behavior

March 22, 2016               Ocean exploration: MSU grad student’s expedition is chance of a lifetime

February 21-26, 2016     Skarke MSU research group delivers four presentations at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

November 20, 2015        Skarke named College of Arts & Sciences researcher of the month

April 30, 2015                   Merritt awarded GCAGS student research grant

August 24, 2014            Natural methane seepage on U.S. Atlantic Ocean margin widespread