August 28, 2019 Methane Bubbling Up From the Atlantic Seafloor. Who Knew?

July 29, 2019 Marine Scientists Explore Methane Seep Field Off The NC Coast

June 12, 2019 Skarke authors NOAA mission log on Atlantic margin methane seep discovery and exploration

April 2, 2019 Lee (PhD) co-authors meeting report in EOS on Global Seep database

February 27, 2019 Kidiwela (Undergraduate Researcher) to pursue PhD in marine geophysics at Univ. of Washington

Dec 10-14, 2019 Skarke MSU research group delivers five presentations at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting

June 29, 2018                Kidiwela (Undergraduate Researcher) awarded Society of Exploration Geophysicist scholarship

April 16, 2018                Skarke receives MSU Faculty Research Award (Arts & Sciences)

April 11, 2018                Skarke co-leads NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Gulf of Mexico 2018 Expedition (EX1803)

March 27, 2018             Skarke recieves MSU College of Arts & Sciences Research Award in Natural & Physical Sciences

January 24, 2018           National Academies’  Awards $5.3 Million to Enhance Environmental Restoration (Skarke co-PI)

June 19, 2017                 Skarke speaks at Dauphin Island Sea Lab Technology in Marine Science workshop for teachers

June 12, 2017                 Keck Futures Initiative and the Gulf Research Program Award $1.55 Million for 21 Projects

March 30, 2017              Ruby (MS) awarded first place for presentation of thesis at MSU Graduate Research Symposium

March 10, 2017              Eos: Early-Career Scientists Explore Newly Discovered Methane Seeps

October 20, 2016           National Geographic Explorers Journal: Exploring New England’s Recently Discovered Methane Seeps

October 7, 2016              Skarke named Early-Career Research Fellow by the National Academies Gulf Research Program

July 25, 2016                    Skarke co-chielf scientist for NSF / UNOLS Early Career Scientist Training Cruise on R/V Atlantis

June 7 , 2016                    Fingerprint algorithm helps researchers understand storm behavior

March 22, 2016               Ocean exploration: MSU grad student’s expedition is chance of a lifetime

February 21-26, 2016     Skarke MSU research group delivers four presentations at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

November 20, 2015        Skarke named College of Arts & Sciences researcher of the month

April 30, 2015                   Merritt (MS) awarded GCAGS student research grant

August 24, 2014             Natural methane seepage on U.S. Atlantic Ocean margin widespread